Pregnancy Pilates brought to you by Rachel, Chartered Physiotherapist with post graduate training in Women’s Health



Pilates is a low impact functional exercise programme ideally suited to helping you stay fit and strong through pregnancy, the birth of your baby and beyond. Exercises activate deep core muscles, the pelvic floor and targets areas of your posture known to be affected through pregnancy.

Phoenix Freedom recognises that life is busy and fatigue can be overwhelming at times. No block bookings, our classes are completely flexible. Attend any of the beginner/ improver Pilates classes at your convenience by purchasing a 10 class Before & After Baby Pass. Rachel modifies the classes to your needs with specialist equipment.



Purchase a Before & After Baby 10 class pass for £125. Use the online portal as and when is convenient for you via the timetable. Your are not required to attend classes in a block and the pass can be before & after baby and is valid for one year.

You are required to complete a registration form before attending classes. Rachel assesses everyone before attending, you can purchase an assessment and two trial classes for £50.

Assessments are held at Haddenham Medical Centre (Fridays) or The Pilates Studio, Halton (Thursdays).

Active users have access to online booking for flexibility and  convenience

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New users are required to complete a medical registration form and assessment

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