Phoenix Freedom classes run at the right pace to teach you the basics of Pilates



These classes are held at a pace that enables you to learn the basic principals of Pilates, develop awareness of your movement, breathing, posture and deepen your core connection.

Many clients come to these classes because they usually are recovering from injury or pain. They have heard Pilates can help their condition, reduce pain levels, prevent further injury and benefit well being.

The learning curve initially can be tricky. But once you understand better how your body moves, you’ll start to bring awareness of your posture into your every day life. It’s then that Pilates will benefit you over the longer term.

Mondays: 10am Haddenham Youth Centre, 6:45pm Longwick Village Hall
Wednesdays: 7pm & 8pm Haddenham Junior School
Thursdays: 7:50pm Haddenham Infant School
Fridays: 11am Haddenham Youth Centre

Active users have access to online booking for flexibility and  convenience

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New users are required to complete a medical registration form and assessment

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