So my last blog began to explain “what’s all this mindfulness about?” I talked about training focus in the mind.  So what’s the difference between mindfulness and hypnosis? As a fly on the wall it would seem people lie down and breathe whether they are practicing hypnosis or mindfulness, can you really lie down and breathe differently?  Hypnosis is about focus too! It all starts to get a bit confusing doesn’t it?

In hypnosis many techniques are used to guide you into a different state of mind; through breathing, visualisations, auditory triggers and imagination. In this state, we, as humans seem more suggestible to different thought processes. It’s a way of “talking” more directly to our subconscious brain to help bring about positive thinking or changes in behaviour. In this way it is a more goal driven practice.  In the pregnancy exercise classes these techniques are used to help you form a positive mind-set about the birth of your baby.

Hypnosis has got a bit of a bad rep from “stage hypnosis” where people jump around like bunny rabbits on stage! It’s about as far away from clinical hypnosis as Australia is from the UK. Under hypnosis you are completely in control of yourself and fully aware.  I’m glad that some of the pregnancy exercise classes involve your birthing partner too, this is so they can come on this journey with you and support you with of these techniques through labour. Hopefully, breaking down the stigma around these very useful techniques!

And of course I hope that both the mindful and hypnosis techniques become as important to you as they are for me, so that they might be beneficial to you now and into the future on this journey through life and parenthood!

Much love,

Rachel@PF x

So what do you think? Are you going to try these techniques out?

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