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Chartered Physiotherapist & APPI Pilates Instructor with post graduate training in movement, women’s health and mindfulness.


Hi I’m Rachel, Chartered Physiotherapist & APPI Pilates Instructor. I was first introduced to Pilates in 2013 and instantly fell in love with its versatility as an exercise regime. Whatever a person’s need Pilates can help. From a general wellbeing exercise regime to treating common injuries like back pain, through to strength and conditioning training for high level athletes. This flexibility is what makes Pilates so popular!

Too often in my physio career I’ve got frustrated with the limitations of standard healthcare. I struggled with having to discharge clients before I could see them throughout their rehabilitation journey and recovery. Sadly, ongoing physiotherapy becomes too expensive.

Secondly, excellence in healthcare should be multi-disciplinary, coordinated and timely. I wanted to provide an affordable, but personalised service that could meet the individual’s health, rehabilitation and fitness goals. I believe that small group based interventions with specialist clinicians can provide this. That is why in 2016 Phoenix Freedom was born.


Small group based Pilates classes provide an excellent way to offer specialist or personalised interventions at less than half the price of a physio consultation. At Phoenix Freedom we believe that our Pilates programmes ensure that you are targeting the right muscles to aid your rehabilitation; and that those muscles are being strengthened appropriately according to the needs of your body. At the same time, we work with you to improve other components such as balance, flexibility and coordination to help prevent future injury.

Prevention is better than cure! Many of us don’t realise what leads to common ailments such as back pain. We are not aware of the impact of how we bend, lift and move during everyday activities and how it can lead to future physical problems and predispose us to common injuries. Pilates teaches you to move better and understand your body, so the benefits you get from the classes spill over into your life….do Pilates and do life better!


All clients have an initial assessment to find out about you. We teach you the basic Pilates principles, explore your problems and clinically evaluate what your future treatment plan should be. For the majority, an assessment and group based Pilates is enough to meet your rehabilitation and fitness needs.

The aim at Phoenix Freedom is always to deliver the service through our Pilates classes to keep it as affordable as possible. However, there may be occasions where you need 1-2-1 intervention and support. The reasons for this will always be explained to you. You can then be assured and trust that should we feel you need 1-2-1 intervention, this is absolutely appropriate and necessary for your needs.

Phoenix Freedom recognises that if you need specialist 1-2-1 intervention you want the right person with the right knowledge in your corner! Check out the Clinic pages for information on partners and clinicians working with Phoenix Freedom who provide this specialist expertise. We are developing tailored healthcare packages to meet your needs. The wider team is evolving and developing all the time!

We look forward to welcoming you to Phoenix Freedom in the near future.



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Providing affordable, tailored healthcare through group packages and 1-2-1 support when needed



Delivering Pilates in village halls with a van full of the latest Pilates equipment


“To provide excellence in care looking after your health and wellbeing“


Pilates classes on a membership basis giving you discounts on 1-2-1s and products


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