Good Kegel technique was posted about in our last blog, but in this blog we wanted to share with you that there is evidence that doing your kegel exercises can improve your sexual pleasure. Sexual pleasure is multi factorial in nature and is not down to one thing only, but we do know that strengthening these muscles can help.

Your pelvic floor sits at the base of your pelvis and can be described as a trampoline supporting you from underneath. Your vagina is an opening within that trampoline. During sex it is the sensation against these muscles that heightens arousal and can stimulate orgasm. If you have been doing your pelvic floors improving your ability to squeeze can increase these sensations and heighten your orgasm. Pretty cool huh? I know this has been talked about in other blogs… I wanted to take it one stage further…strengthening your pelvic floor is one thing but developing the control during sex is another! This takes a little time to practice. But let’s get going ladies!

Remember women can have weakened pelvic floor for many reasons; pregnancy or damage during childbirth are some of the more obvious reasons, but there are others, such as ongoing constipation and straining. This can cause pelvic floor weakening over time.

As discussed in the previous blog some ladies suffer with an over active pelvic floor, which doesn’t mean the muscles are strong.  This means they need to learn to let go first and then be able to contract the muscles fully and let go again. Remember when you practice yours, tighten and LET GO! Muscles need to do both to work well!

If you have concerns about your pelvic floor or you are suffering with pain during sexual intercourse speak to Delinda our Women’s Health Physiotherapist.

Happy squeezing!

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Rachel Changer