Some mums to be will be all over relaxation, mindfulness and hypnosis like a rash adopting it as their way of life over the next 40 weeks. Others I’ve heard speak of it as mumbo, jumbo nonsense.

The opportunity for me to learn about mindfulness first arose working in the NHS. A free 8 week course and some time out of my working week didn’t sound to bad to me. So off I toddled without much knowledge or expectation.

I have found it to be incredibly important in my life. I do not claim to be an enlightened Buddha, nor shall I be removing my Friday glad rags and taking to isolation in orange robes. But there is something deeply important to me about the practice.

In the pregnancy exercise classes I hope to develop your understanding of some of the founding ideas of mindful practice. It is labelled in the western world as a technique to develop relaxation, a way to destress.

I get a bit frustrated by this, because, mindfulness labelled with expectation and outcome, it is NOT mindfulness. We have already lost an important part of the very basis for it and these expectations may alter the journey you endeavour to embark on for yourself.

I would not presume to impart my own experiences from my practice. Your journey will be unique to you, that is what makes it special. Mindfulness is all about training your mind to focus. In the same way you get fit for a run, you practice and you train. The more you practice, the better you get. That’s it! Simple!

It’s only when you listen to the constant chatter that goes on between our very own ears you realise, focus can be a difficult concept to hold onto! Described as our monkey mind that we are a slave to; day in, day out. We go about our business on automatic pilot, just stop and breathe…

Yes right now, stop…. breathe… the air filtering into your nostrils. It’s quite something isn’t it? Just to breathe, to notice a life fulfilling breath.

You may or may not have noticed in that moment how many things your monkey mind was chattering through. We all could benefit from developing a deep focus.

What outcomes you gain from that training are yours. I look forward to sharing the journey with you,

Love Rachel@PF x

Rachel Changer