Too often in my physiotherapy career I treated patients knowing I could make them better in the short term but concerned it was likely to come back because of poor movement habits over the long term. Ongoing physiotherapy is too expensive and therefore the age old conundrum – how to REALLY make change for clients over the longer term?

I fell in love with Pilates for just that reason. The visual cues and imagery help each individual become more self-aware, more able to understand how efficient movement makes you feel better and can prevent injury. I knew somehow I wanted to fuse the best of Pilates with my physio practice. Most clients come to me with pain of some sort and looking to exercise to improve this. They choose me because I am a Physio. How then, have I tried to marry my Pilates and my physio and what has that got to do with membership?

It’s a novel concept for a mobile Pilates teacher to go down a membership route. I didn’t know moving into my own business how I was going to try and solve “the physio problem” but I knew I wanted physical activity and exercise to be at the heart of what I did. As Physios we recognise exercise is the magic pill and so why do we tie ourselves up in clinic rooms with plinths, towels and pillow cases? Instead, group based interventions offer a way to provide a cost effective service for everyone. What was missing in this model was personalisation and tailoring of the exercises to each individual need.

I started (in good nature) pulling clients out of classes and offering them a bit of free advice here and there, correcting their posture faults and developing their Pilates practice. Supporting them with their needs and advising them on the exercises best for them. It felt great! Secondly, I found I was giving small snippets of well-timed advice! For example, the client that had slipped at the weekend and hurt their ankle, I could offer early advice and (I hope) I have prevented acute injuries becoming chronic ones.

I set about trying to package this and formalise this way of working. So membership offered a way to free up and invest time in the clients that have invested in their Pilates practice. It’s so far been the best move I’ve made for you and for me! So much energy organising and working out how many sessions are left in each block of 6, checking off payments and bank accounts, then guess what? 6 weeks later you’re doing it all again! I now check off the monthly payments once monthly against my bank account and I’m done! Sigh of relief!

But what does that mean for you? That saved admin time is now allocated to your catch up 1-2-1s! My “free” head space is spent thinking about you guys, not my computer! I am so glad to have made one process more efficient so that for those of you invested in your Pilates, I can invest in you!


Rachel@PF x

Rachel Changer