The older I get and the more entwined in my business I become, the more I value the different stages of life and every individual story.

We all have our worries, aspirations and difficulties. Each trying to find balance in work, relationships, physical and mental health. Each striving to meet certain expectations, but life never pans out quite the way we want.

Sometimes tragedy and trauma lay in our path. And sometimes… can’t just “pick yourself up” and carry on. But life dictates we must, so instead, inside we carry heavy burdens, sorrow and pain and keep moving forward just the same. Some days this can be easy, but mostly it’s hard to do.

Don’t think you are alone, we all carry heavy hearts. As a Physiotherapist and Pilates teacher I am privileged to understand the stories behind the choice to exercise. An opportunity to relieve tension. A method of relaxation to help us through every day life and the baggage we hold.

This is where I talk about “letting go” but I’m not sure that works, at least not for me. After having spent a “perfect” Sunday with two dear friends, hearing the ebb and flow of their lives, for me, it is understanding we are all going through difficulties. This helps me to accept them and allows pain and anxiety to breathe, because we all feel it, every one of us.

Once you give it oxygen and sit with it I’ve found it can’t hurt you so much, it’s just there, it’s always there, like council tax and energy bills you have to acknowledge and pay.

Pilates for me is a form of exercise that encourages breathing, connecting with your body and at times accepting your limitations and learning to work within them.

We all need to recognise the body, mind and soul work in the same way. Whilst I recognise this is an in vogue Buddhist philosophy, there is something about appreciating and accepting what we can do and sitting with what we can’t, don’t let it go, just let it be

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday x

Rachel Changer

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